In the Beginnning

 Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Austin, Texas, and various places where her itinerant parents paused in their wanderings, Lucia was filled from childhood with an interest in music and the arts. Her parents, musician David Pearlman and artist Betsy Terrell, formed a family band in the 80s, and Lucia joined them at the age of 11 as drummer, dancer and singer.


The Flying Neutrinos

Led by Ingrid and her trombonist cousin Todd Londagin, the New Orleans retro-blues/jazz quintet the Flying Neutrinos are also comprised of guitarist Matthew Munisteri, double bassist Jim Greene, saxophonist Dan Levinson, and drummer David Berger. The group was originally formed in the 1980s by Lucia's father, the wandering adventurer David Pearlman (aka Poppa Neutrino), and Pearlman's then-wife, Betsy Terrell. The Flying Neutrinos' debut LP, I'd Rather Be in New Orleans, was first released in 1997.


Sparkling vocals from Lucia added immeasurably to the quintet’s appeal. The other regular members have included Matt Munisteri (guitar), Jim Greene (bass), Dan Levinson (saxophone), and David Berger (drums). As a child Lucia heard music by swing era and other bygone jazz artists, including Jimmy Dorsey and Billie Holiday. Indeed, Lucia’s sound, although contemporary, bears interesting references to Holiday that is in no way forced or mannered. Her phrasing brings to latter-day material a classic jazz ambience that is very appealing and her talent and enthusiasm set her and her band apart and ahead of their retro contemporaries.